With their debut album ‘Ossicles’, Sink announce a unique acoustic, instrumental sound. Holding improvisation at its core and rooted in diverse musical traditions, spontaneous inspiration fuses with crafted composition to shape the distinct voices of the accordion, violin and saxophone into a powerfully coherent whole.
Sink apply their sound in a variety of musical contexts, from performing at concert venues and music festivals to creating original soundtracks to silent films, site-specific performances in unusual spaces, and collaborating with visual artists. Influenced by Beethoven, Cage, Zorn and Leon’s dog Daisy, yet undefined by any genre, Sink pull visceral and extraordinary music out of thin air.
Consummate musicianship, dynamic energy, and a taste for the sweet spot not many improvising instrumental bands care to touch.‘ – Sam Lee, The Nest Collective

‘Sink are a trio of musical ninjas. One of the best and intense live acts around. Why haven’t you been to see them play yet?‘ – Kate Stables, This is the Kit

‘Sink use spontaneity, communication and great skill to create music on the spot, not widdly widdly show off – actual real music.’ – Alabaster DePlume